Dynamic Priority Fees – Fluxbot

Fluxbot announcement Hello Community!  Here’s a quick update on what we are working on this week.  This week, we’re all about Dynamic Priority Fees, getting the new auto-sniper ready for release and gearing up for the $JUP Launch.  This post will focus on the priority fees with more info about the new auto-sniper and preparing … Read more

Fluxbot & Meteora Twitter Space Recap

Announcement from Fluxbeam – fluxbot Listen here – https://x.com/MeteoraAG/status/1747265990508130628?s=20 🚀 $JUP Launching on Meteora’s DLMM Pools 1) Fluxbot has integrated directly into Meteora’s AMM & DLMM pools. 2) This integration allows Fluxbot users to access $JUP routes earlier at launch compared to other bots only using Jupiter. Fluxbot participated in the mock launch today and … Read more