WEN Launch Update & Fluxbot Guide

Excitement is in the air for the WEN launch today! We’ve got many new faces around, so let’s go over some essential. WEN Token Launch on Meteora Fluxbot is now fully integrated with Meteora for the WEN launch and the upcoming $JUP launch next week.This integration means Fluxbot users can act faster than other bots … Read more

Fluxbot & Meteora Twitter Space Recap

Announcement from Fluxbeam – fluxbot Listen here – https://x.com/MeteoraAG/status/1747265990508130628?s=20 🚀 $JUP Launching on Meteora’s DLMM Pools 1) Fluxbot has integrated directly into Meteora’s AMM & DLMM pools. 2) This integration allows Fluxbot users to access $JUP routes earlier at launch compared to other bots only using Jupiter. Fluxbot participated in the mock launch today and … Read more