Dynamic Priority Fees – Fluxbot

Fluxbot announcement

Hello Community! 

Here’s a quick update on what we are working on this week. 

This week, we’re all about Dynamic Priority Fees, getting the new auto-sniper ready for release and gearing up for the $JUP Launch. 

This post will focus on the priority fees with more info about the new auto-sniper and preparing for $JUP coming in the next few days.

Dynamic Priority Fees 📈: With Solana facing increased congestion due to more transactions and network spam, we’ve been working on the best approach to tackle priority fees ensure your transactions are both successful and cost-effective. Here’s what’s coming:

1️⃣ Fluxbot Dynamic Priority Fee: The Fluxbot dynamic priority fee is based on the most recent Solana block data, for efficient and economical transactions. No guessing required, using this will ensure you have the best blend of price and transaction success for most transactions.

2️⃣ Higher Default Priority Fee: New users often miss their first transaction due to not setting a priority fee before they start. We’re introducing a higher default based on longer term averages  to help beginners nail their first transactions, with the flexibility at any time to lower the priority fee amount. 

3️⃣ Custom Priority Fee: Tailor your priority fees to your needs. Whether it’s increasing the fee to beat the spam for high-priority sniping or waiting out network congestion for less urgent transactions, this feature has you covered. Set any number between 0-2 SOL. Adjust it anytime.

We think this is the best approach, and will give the best user experience based on all of the communication in the main chats, private help desk tickets, and market conditions. 

Stay tuned for more details coming soon!