WEN Launch Update & Fluxbot Guide

Excitement is in the air for the WEN launch today! We’ve got many new faces around, so let’s go over some essential.

WEN Token Launch on Meteora

Fluxbot is now fully integrated with Meteora for the WEN launch and the upcoming $JUP launch next week.
This integration means Fluxbot users can act faster than other bots waiting for a Jupiter route.

Token Address: WENWENvqqNya429ubCdR81ZmD69brwQaaBYY6p3LCpk

Sniping Options with #Fluxbot – t.me/fluxbeam_bot

1) Token Sniper
2) Pool Sniper https://t.me/fluxbot_pool_sniper

Transaction Notifications:

1) Fluxbot Token Sniper: Success = Notification. No Success = No Notification (to avoid Telegram rate limits). Assume your settings didn’t allow for your transaction to go through if you don’t get a notification right after Token Launch.
2) Pool Sniper: Error messages explain unsuccessful attempts.

Settings for Success:

Set Priority Fee & Slippage in Fluxbot (MENU > Settings).
Pool Sniper Slippage Error? Adjust your slippage, or wait until the hype dies down. Please spend responsibly.
Seeing ‘Pending’, ‘Sending’, or ‘Timeout’ errors? Increase your priority fee up to 2 SOL, if comfortable. Please spend responsibly.

⚠️ Important:

These settings apply to all transactions.
Reset settings post-launch, especially if using copy trader.
Alternatively, paste the CA in Fluxbot and buy directly.


Launches can be unpredictable. Buy responsibly and stay vigilant against scams and watch out for copycats!